XpressCoupons are printed three-up on one sheet of paper. Credit unions have the flexibility of printing any number of coupons in a single packet that’s mailed to members with an explanatory cover page and a supply of optional Courtesy Reply Envelopes. A turnkey outbound service that is easily outsourced.

The credit union (or XDI!) can design an 8 ½ x 11 marketing or informational piece that keeps credit union members informed in a very cost effective manner. Think of anything, like terms & conditions, disclosures, rate sheets, coupons, event promotions, forms, calendars, charity announcements, program invitations, flat-out shameless advertising and a variety of any other marketing pieces. The document is printed in high resolution grayscale, in-line with any statement, notice or letter - and it typically rides along in the envelope with no additional postage needed!

Bulk PDF
A boon to your archives: Any document created by XDI can be returned to the credit union in PDF format. The credit union may optionally receive these electronic documents as a single or multi-page PDF file.  An Adobe Embedded Index, Adobe External Catalog, or imaging-system-specific custom index can also be provided.