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Mike Cooper
Who:  Mike Cooper, Founder / President / CEO
What:  In addition to leading the company as our Chief Executive Officer, Mike is a resident expert in complex document design, U.S. Postal Service mailing strategies and automated document processing technology.  He works with clients every day and drives XDI innovation with programs like published standardized pricing, the Wheel of Avoided Misfortune output integrity initiative, and the firm's dramatic unconditional client satisfaction assurance policy.
When:  Mike is a data processing services veteran and serial entrepreneur. He began his career in an elite IT operations assignment with the U.S. Navy in San Diego, and shortly after discharge parlayed that experience into the first of several successful document production and delivery outsourcing companies.  Through acquisition, he transitioned to southern California service center management and then nationwide responsibility for advanced digital printing services in Dun & Bradstreet and First Data subsidiary companies until creating Xpress Data Imaging (now XDI) in 1995.
Personally:  A sports car enthusiast, Mike has completed advanced training and qualified for amateur runs on a variety of NASCAR and road race tracks in the southwestern U.S.  He's also been enjoying several other hobbies for a few decades that include golf and deep sea fishing.
Who:  Erin Cavallo, Vice President, Client Services
What:  Erin has been instrumental in building and inspiring XDI's client-first culture. She works regularly with XDI's Client Support, IT, Operations, Sales and Marketing teams to ensure we earn our credit union client's business every day.
When:  Making the transition directly from college to XDI, Erin began by working in almost every company department - from catching mail on a busy production line to document printing and quality assurance to overseeing accurate and timely billing for all our clients to inventing the client support workflow and designing our service offerings. She has been a key part of the organization since its inception.
Personally:  A champion of work-life balance, Erin is serious about celebrating life both inside and away from the office with family, colleagues and friends. She's more than dabbled in real estate investment over the years and enjoys decorating and exercising - but no adventure trumps motherhood!
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Keith Cavallo photo
Who:  Keith Cavallo, Director, HR & Finance
What:  Keith inspires the leadership teams throughout the company, as well as manages human resources. Adding value to employees, clients and the organization is something he see as a synonymous effort where everyone benefits. Keith is also an expert at helping other overcome obstacles, inspiring growth, and improving organizational effectiveness and strategy.
When:  Prior to joining XDI in 2015, Keith built his skills of results-oriented Human Resources and Business Operations leadership with 20 years of management across multiple industries. He drives performance through a keen focus on team development, strategic planning and corporate alignment.
Personally:  Keith holds an MBA in Management and Strategy from Western Governor's University, as well as a Master of Human Resource Management from Colorado State University System. Team building and organizational culture are exciting to him. Practicing martial arts and playing with his 3 kids are Keith's favorite ways to spend his time away from the office.