People  /  Management Team

Mike Cooper
Who:  Mike Cooper, Founder / President / CEO
What:  In addition to leading the company as our Chief Executive Officer, Mike is a resident expert in complex document design, U.S. Postal Service mailing strategies and automated document processing technology.  He works with clients every day and drives XDI innovation with programs like published standardized pricing, the Wheel of Avoided Misfortune output integrity initiative, and the firm's dramatic unconditional client satisfaction assurance policy.
When:  Mike is a data processing services veteran and serial entrepreneur. He began his career in an elite IT operations assignment with the U.S. Navy in San Diego, and shortly after discharge parlayed that experience into the first of several successful document production and delivery outsourcing companies.  Through acquisition, he transitioned to southern California service center management and then nationwide responsibility for advanced digital printing services in Dun & Bradstreet and First Data subsidiary companies until creating Xpress Data Imaging (now XDI) in 1995.
Personally:  A sports car enthusiast, Mike has completed advanced training and qualified for amateur runs on a variety of NASCAR and road race tracks in the southwestern U.S.  He's also been enjoying several other hobbies for a few decades that include golf and deep sea fishing.
Who:  Nick Nichelson, Vice President, Information Technology
What:  Management of the IT services infrastructure, physical plant, security and safety standards and practices, and production workflow oversight.  Nick is also a key member of the XDI Statement / eStatement development team, creating highly  customized and complex documents for our credit union clients.
When:  Nick's been committed to a career on the software side of document management and production services for his entire adult life - he has the proverbial "XDI tattoo".  After serving as an administrator for chapels during a stint in the U.S. Air Force, Nick became involved in the inception of the Computer Output Microfilm industry with crucial programming and technical support roles at San Diego COM, Zytron and First Image Management.  With over 30 years of document focused expertise and practical production experience, Nick is a terrific asset for clients. 
Personally:  Very few things can truly distract Nick from work, but he has a strong penchant for exploring U.S. cities coast to coast, and some dedication (with season tickets for years!) to theater productions, traditional or experimental, in his home town of San Diego.
Dave Hancock
Who:  Dave Hancock, Vice President, Business Development
What:  Dave leads all of the sales, client relationship management and marketing activities across the company.  He's based in XDI's San Diego headquarters but works with credit union clients, new business prospects and strategic partners everywhere.
When:  After serving as a U.S. Air Force technical instructor and then coding FORTRAN and COBOL in a programmer analyst position at Conoco Oil, Dave launched into a 40-year data processing services and document management outsourcing career.  Dave brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to XDI, having excelled in senior executive assignments with document production industry leaders like Zytron (Dun & Bradstreet), First Image (First Data) and Anacomp.
Personally:  Dave collaborates with his wife Carol who is president of the International Chili Society, managing juried competitions and contributing millions of dollars to charity.  The Hancock recipe for Shotgun Willie Chili was a worldwide competition winner and XDI routinely makes seasoning samples available for our clients and friends.  Dave is also an avid music fan who can be found in the audience or backstage at venues like Emo's in Austin or the Fillmore West in San Francisco.
Who:  Erin Cavallo, Vice President, Client Services
What:  Erin has been instrumental in building and inspiring XDI's team of dedicated Client Support Analysts who work regularly with IT, Operations, Marketing, Collections and Executive staff in credit unions across the country.  She is also the company's most senior document and web portal page designer for both paper and electronic XpressServices deliverables.
When:  Making the transition directly from college to XDI, Erin began by working in almost every company department - from catching mail on a busy production line to document printing and quality assurance to overseeing accurate and timely billing for all our clients. She has been a key part of the organization since its inception.
Personally:  A champion of work-life balance, Erin is serious about celebrating life both inside and away from the office with family, colleagues and friends.  She's more than dabbled in musical theater, sailing and real estate investment over the years - but we can't get this brief bio approved without saying Trevor and Audrey are the coolest, sweetest, cutest little kids ever!
Who:  Shawn Morgan, MQC, MDC, EMCM, Production Manager
What:  Responsible for document production and mail manufacturing operations at XDI headquarters in San Diego, CA.  High speed laser printing, automated insertion, quality control and physical inventory functions all report to Shawn, along with the company's team of very experienced Print & Mail equipment operators.
When:  Signing on with XDI in 1997 after discharge from the U.S. Army, Shawn excelled at every function in the company's production process and he's been at the helm of the operation since  2007.  He's an active member of the local Postal Customer Council and Mail System Management Association, and he holds a variety of USPS and MSMA professional certifications including  Mailpiece Quality Control specialist, Mailpiece Design Consultant and Executive Mail Center Manager.
Personally:  Shawn says he's a boring family man - and there is obvious dedication to his two playful boys - but we can add in a secret passion for the movies, the golf swing that's a little bit better than lucky, and the fact that he can cross Harley motorcycle off his bucket list.
Who:  Leah Henrichsen, Director, Project Development
What:  As the director of projects that move XDI forward, Leah brings a conspicuous high-energy, task focused approach with unfailing commitment to our clients - and works as a peer with the XDI staff she leads.  Troubleshooting, technical problem-solving and solution-building, plus response to clients with reflexive flexibility are what Leah at XDI is all about.
When:  Leah, born-and-raised in San Diego, made her way to XDI after earning a degree in mathematics in northern California where she subsequently launched her career in customer care, developing expertise in automated work flow and analytics for the Insurance industry.  Her next assignment was at a prominent national medical staffing company where she delivered detailed product and automated billing support.  With Queen of Excel level technical skills and genuine sensitivity to people's needs in the workplace, it's easy to see why we recruited her in 2011 to XDI's dedicated client support department, and her role has continued to grow from there.
Personally:  Outdoor adventure tops the list of Leah's athletic endeavors; she's an avid wilderness backpacker, loves kayaking, technical rock climbing and travel.  She's always in the middle of a book, and also quick to mention her more traditional passions for scenic photography and baking cakes!