XDI focuses exclusively on the creation and delivery of Credit Union member documents - notices, letters, statements, tax forms, loan coupons, etc. - in a sophisticated, proprietary document factory that’s geared to add value, reduce costs and improve member communication efficiency.  So far, our company has invented or perfected techniques, software and systems to:

  • Merge multiple notices into a single comprehensive document
  • Combine multiple documents into one very intelligent envelope
  • Automatically resolve data input overflow conditions
  • Proactively recognize and halt duplicate files
  • Selectively suppress documents based on client rules (Clients rule!)
  • Send customized document production event alerts
  • Cleverly protect credit union member PINs (XpressNotice Secure™)
  • Consolidate multiple input files, cleanly and accountably
  • Fully integrate classic print/mail and eDocument member services

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