Earth Day 2022 - 20th Anniversary Creek to Bay Cleanup

In honor of Earth Day, XDI employees joined hands with I Love A Clean San Diego to celebrate the 20th Anniversary Creek to Bay Cleanup on Saturday, April 23, 2022. The group gathered at Lake Hodges and collected trash and recyclables along the trails and waterfront, contributing to the overall goal of collecting 100,000 lbs of litter in one day across the county.

Litter collected ranged from broken glass to cigarette butts, and an inordinate number of empty cans and bottles. All of these items are harmful to the environment, and especially to the lake and the animals it supports. According to I Love A Clean San Diego, cigarette butts remain the most littered individual item (cigarette filters are made of plastic and are full of harmful toxins that pollute the environment when left behind).

At XDI, one of our core values is “giving back.” On a corporate and individual level, XDI embraces this philosophy, and we’re proud of our employees who go out into our community and personally put it into practice!