XDI Continues to Welcome Clients in 2021

It may seem like the normal day-to-day world has ground to a halt, but the credit union industry perseveres in faithfully serving its members. Whether through safe in-person service at branches, assistance over the phone, or written/electronic correspondence, credit unions maintain their essential role in helping members with their financial needs. That requires a document provider who can rise to the task as well. XDI continues to provide industry leading service, cost-savings, and constant technology improvements to our clients, and we are proud to welcome 9 new additions to the XDI family since March of this 2020. Our most recent implementations include:





Members may be wearing masks and employees might be working from home, but the need to provide efficient and accurate correspondence never ceases. XDI is proud to serve almost 200 credit unions – and only credit unions -  across the United States.