XDI Continues to Add Pins to The Map!

It’s not just Google℠ or Apple® that can drop a pin! XDI knows how to do it as well! In fact we have done it five times since the year began! Our client map illustrates all of the clients we serve, including those we’ve added to the XDI base since the beginning of the year. 

We are proud to welcome our newest implementations:
May 2020 New Client Logos

Whether implementing statements, notices, electronic documents, Temenos® letters, or all of the above, these credit unions have joined the almost 200 others who trust XDI for the preparation, processing, and delivery of their member correspondence. Our clients are far more than a pin on a map; they are our focus. They’re the reason we exist. Check out our pins at https://www.xdi.com/creditunions/client-map.