Xpress Data Celebrates 25th Anniversary

25 years of success built on the philosophy of “Earning Your Business Every Day”

SAN DIEGO, CA, December 16, 2019 – 2020 marks the 25th anniversary for Xpress Data, Inc. (XDI), the only company in the nation specializing exclusively in the production and delivery of credit union notices, statements, and other event-driven member correspondence. Founded in 1995 as Xpress Data Imaging, the company began as an all-purpose digital printing and mailing operation. Over the years the company has grown to become the recognized industry leader in the production of print and electronic documents for credit unions nationwide. XDI is unique in its dedication to client satisfaction and contractually commits to meeting client expectations. XDI’s standard contract terms allow Termination for Convenience, as well as adjustments (1% to 100%) to any invoice if the client is dissatisfied . . . putting teeth into the “Earning Your Business Every Day” philosophy.

Mike Cooper, President/CEO of XDI, states that “we have achieved this milestone through hard work, innovation and a client-first culture. Our dedication to constant process improvements has resulted in us being able to provide credit unions with the most sophisticated and automated document composition and delivery capabilities of any vendor in the United States.” Many of XDI’s credit union-specific tools were developed in-house in close collaboration with their credit union partners’ feedback. Shawn Morgan, XDI’s Production Manager since 1996, confirms that “we constantly work with clients to see how we can make things better, faster and more efficient for them. We are committed to perfection on the production line, and to keep innovating going forward.”

XDI’s record client growth recently prompted them to open their XDI East facility in Charlotte, NC in order to increase their capacity, as well as add full-featured Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity capabilities. The company is poised to continue delivering more efficiency and cost-savings to credit unions; for example, no upfront development costs are part and parcel of XDI’s unique credit union focused business model. Cooper concludes that “our credit union clients are true partners and our employees are the best in the business – they have deep credit union experience and an unwavering commitment to quality. I am very proud of what we’ve accomplished over the past 25 years.”

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