XDI East Announced

XDI East in Charlotte, NC

XDI received the keys on August 1, 2018 to what will become XDI East located in Charlotte, North Carolina. The facility is located at 3845 Shopton Rd, Suite 100, Charlotte, NC 28217 and is approximately 25,500 square feet.

The Charlotte facility will become a clone of XDI’s San Diego operation in that it will have all the same type and quantity of primary production equipment. XDI’s business model and practices will shine in that each and every client job will run exactly the same in each location making full featured DR and BC seamless. We intend to prove this to ourselves and you by standing-down one location and running all production out of one facility for a day multiple times per year.

As XDI has continued to grow and our systems have become more sophisticated it has made our warm site back up arrangement less viable each year. And that is not to mention the need for more production capacity as both our client base and our credit union clients continue to grow. Once Charlotte is fully functional we will begin an expansion plan for XDI West.

During the month of August we will be installing and configuring equipment and systems in Charlotte. We expect to run limited production in Charlotte in October. Then ramp up production each month a little at a time until Charlotte is fully functional.

Stay tuned for updates as we continue our growth and development.