eXpressServices Enhancements Released

Xpress Data, Inc. (XDI) has released an enhanced version of its eXpressServices™ document portal platform for XDI credit union clients. This new release includes expanded features and an advanced, self-service bulk email communication tool that allows credit unions to send unlimited emails and SMS text messages to their members. The new email blast service, called eXpressMessaging™, can be used to communicate more easily and effectively with any members – including those who are not “opted in” to receive their Notices, Tax Forms, or Statements electronically. Members who have chosen the increasingly popular electronic delivery alternative can even view a document that the credit union associates with a specific email campaign via their eXpressServices portal.

New eXpressMessaging and Disclosure functionality in the eXpressServices platform includes:

eXpressMessaging service
• Unobtrusive SRC link fetch to identify which emails have been fully displayed by recipients
• Practical unsubscribe link options and convenient reporting
• HTML embedded link tracking with click reports and XDI’s automated Follow-on Actions
• Ability to send outbound messages to any Members, and to invite Members to view an associated
• eDocument (access to secure document portal only via SSO from online banking)
• Plenty of customizable data tokens for dynamic control of outbound content
• SMS Text Message channel services are also included – a great back-up resource for emergency communication with a credit union’s "wired" membership
• Comprehensive email campaign reporting that can be exported to credit union systems
• eXpressServices automated email address hygiene management capabilities are included
• Credit unions pay only for the message volume used in a convenient, self-service portal that can be accessed anytime

Disclosure features

• If desired by the credit union, members can now access previously accepted disclosures, with date of acceptance and ability to redisplay the original disclosure content. Credit unions can opt to exclude specific disclosures from member access
• The Disclosure List summary screen has been improved to display the "Start Date" for each disclosure presented by the credit union
• Optionally, during the enrollment process, members can enter their enrollment preferences before or after accepting any presented disclosures – this is useful if XDI’s flexible Disclosure feature is used for welcome letters or other non-binding content

 “We believe that these features – especially eXpressMessaging – allow for greater flexibility, tracking, and communication with members,” states Mike Cooper, President/CEO of XDI. “And that amounts to an advantage for credit unions by adding value for the important e-savvy membership segment and helping ensure continued stability and growth in a tough, competitive marketplace.”