XDI Coronavirus Preparedness - A Message to Our Clients

With the recent designation of COVID-19 as a pandemic, we wanted to ensure our clients are aware of XDI’s business continuity plan, which includes a pandemic plan. We take our mission of earning your business every day very seriously, and that extends to providing you with the service you need, even during difficult times.

XDI has embraced technology since inception. As such, key employees, including many in Client Support and IT, have the ability to access all systems virtually. Working remote is a standard procedure in our operation and takes place daily for many employees. Connections are secure and seamless. This functionality provides XDI with added flexibility to support our clients’ needs.

Along with you, our clients, we take this situation very seriously and are doing our part to prevent the spread of disease. We are monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely and paying attention to CDC guidelines. We are currently operating under enhanced protocols.  This includes aggressively enforcing policies about staying home if employees feel ill, social distancing, and educating staff about CDC hygiene recommendations.

During times when your members’ concerns are elsewhere, we want to provide you with the peace of mind that you can focus your mental energy on easing any of their concerns. When it comes to communicating with your members, now, or in the future, we have you covered. 


Michael Cooper