XDI and Deep Target Form Partnership

Madison, AL – March 10, 2020 ─ Today, FinTech company DeepTarget Inc. announced their partnership with Xpress Data, Inc. (XDI), a technology-proficient company that is focused on providing document services to credit unions.  This partnership will enable all XDI customers to leverage DeepTarget’s marketing and sales automation platform within their eStatement portals.  Today, XDI serves more than 180 prestigious credit unions, collectively representing ~$250 billion in assets representing over 10% of the total industry.

 XDI clients use eXpressServices, their powerful, flexible electronic document presentation and repository platform which was designed and developed with extensive input from credit unions.  DeepTarget has been integrated within this eDocument environment to now allow financial institutions to engage their members with targeted communications.  

“We are excited to provide this benefit to our clients. DeepTarget has already delivered excellent ROI to their customers within online banking and mobile banking channels.  We felt that including this intelligence-driven capability in the eStatement portal would be a great benefit for our clients. ” said Mike Cooper, XDI Founder, President and CEO.  “We look forward to these integrated solutions bringing very positive results to our credit union clients.”  

Monthly, DeepTarget’s intelligent marketing and sales automation solution delivers more than 220 million impressions and generates influenced sales of over 12,000 new deposit and loan products for its partner community banks and credit unions, realizing a response rate of 40X the industry standard.

“We have received such strong results using DeepTarget’s intelligent marketing and sales solution within mobile banking and now we are excited to extend this capability to our eStatement portal,” said Thorpe Miller, AVP Sales and Marketing, Indiana Members Credit Union, “The best part is that with DeepTarget’s ‘Design Once, Engage Everywhere’ capability, my existing targeted communications and campaigns simply work in this new channel!”

XDI credit union clients can leverage DeepTarget to engage members with messaging and advertising that targets with pinpoint precision within their eStatement portal, which is one of multiple digital channels supported, allowing credit unions to reach their members with relevant communications wherever, whenever, and however they bank.

“It has been an absolute pleasure to work with XDI who has offered this solution to clients who wish to leverage the DeepTarget offerings.  With our open API, integration within this new channel was a breeze. . Together, we will immediately bring the benefits of DeepTarget to their credit union clients,” said Jill Homan, President, DeepTarget, “We expect credit unions to see immediate benefits from their targeted communications and campaigns”.

True to its adage Design Once, Engage Everywhere™, DeepTarget enables a credit union to plan and design data-powered campaigns, such as an attractive holiday credit card offer or a best-rate CD promotion one time and use them to engage their members across all available digital channels.  As their banking customers navigate through various touch points specific offers, onboarding activities, and other relevant news are communicated leading to delighted members as well as increased sales and loyalty.

DeepTarget’s built-in performance analytics provide growth metrics regarding the new deposits generated, including behavior data specific to various channels. Combined with the data-driven customer intelligence used for targeted and personalized communications and virtually 95% automation, DeepTarget provides clear differentiation and successful results.

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