Postage Increase Jan. 26, 2014

As you probably have heard, the United States Postal Service (USPS) has requested a postage price increase.  They have asked for a CPI increase and an exigent price increase as well.  In our opinion the CPI increase is a given; however, the exigent price increase is not, but could very well be approved given the USPS financial condition.

Expect the increases to become effective January 26, 2014 (Sunday).

Amount of increase:

  • Full rate single-piece postage will increase from $0.46 today to a miminum of $0.47 (CPI) and could increase to $0.49 (CPI + Exigent)
  • Automation and XDI guaranteed rates will increase from about 2% (CPI) to 6% (CPI + Exigent)

The exigent price increase could be reduced or avoided if Congress would enact long over-due postal reform that would allow the USPS to change its operations to effectively adapt to current technology and customer needs.